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This is the website for the european version of PowerFLARM® collision avoidance devices. Despite "See and Avoid" there are 20 collisions annually, worldwide, in general aviation. In every other case, a party dies. Collisions are, unfortunately, the second most common cause of accidents. Collisions occur mostly during the day in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, generally when visibility is good. Transponders in small aircraft alone do not help recognizing one another and avoiding collisions. Other technologies are geared to the needs of commercial aviation. There is a need in the small aviation market for an inexpensive, small and low power consumption-system, which can support the pilot and warn of potentially dangerous traffic. In recent years FLARM® has experienced a very wide distribution and acceptance within the gliding community.


PowerFLARM® was developed specifically for the needs of general aviation. PowerFLARM® combines the advantages of FLARM® with ADS-B0 1090 and transponder technology. It is inexpensive and easy to install. PowerFLARM reliably warns against nearly all participants in general and commercial aviation. This includes most gliders, aircraft equipped with a Mode-C or Mode-S transponder, and air traffic equipped with ADS-B 1090. Additionally PowerFLARM® warns against obstacles including one of the largest available obstacle database in Europe.

PowerFLARM at AERO 2015

We are attending AERO Tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany this year. Come visit AIR Avionics booth at A6/401!

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